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Feminine Online Stores for Female Entrepreneurs

As a business owner, you might already be running a thriving brick + mortar store. But why stop there when online purchases are growing year on year? Shoppers are looking for your brand online and if you do not have an online sales channel, those are sales opportunities missed.

So do not delay. Let's get your online store up and running.


Your business and your customers are precious to you, so we work to create a fresh outlet that speaks to your customers yet retains your voice. Be it a website or mobile app, we make sure your products take centre stage on the frontend while streamlining your business processes on the backend so you can focus on the grander picture without chipping another nail.


We create your beautiful e-commerce website on Shopify and design it to reflect your brand and style. We look at your business as a whole and build your store with the goal of supporting your business processes and enabling the capabilities needed to run your business your way.

Mobile App

Engage your customers with a smoother and faster online shopping experience with your own native iOS app. We have done the hard work so you can get your app within days and customised to your brand. If you are looking for a minimalist app where your products will shine without distractions, then our app is for you.


Inu & Oliphant

Inu & Oliphant

Shopify Website & iOS app



Shopify Website

Suree's Thai Kitchen

Suree's Thai Kitchen

Custom Website



Hey! We’re Jen and Wei Yan, founders of Jenuine Apps. We love helping small businesses set up their online presence, especially businesses by women for women. We have much respect for small business owners; it takes a lot of courage and dedication to step out on your own, create your own brand and service your community. As parents to two adorable little boys, we know how hard it can be to juggle home and work. With only so much time in day, your efforts are best spent running the business; leave the web development to us.

An alumnus of the University of Adelaide with a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Wei Yan is an Electrical Engineering Consultant at Lucid Engineering. He manages our projects and finance.

Armed with a degree in Computer Science (Software Engineering) from the University of Adelaide, Jen worked for a few years as a business analyst and developer for multiple state government departments. Much of her career involved building intranet websites that automate business processes and improve team collaboration. She now uses these skills to help passionate entrepreneurs like yourself.

Why Us

We are honest and transparent in our capabilities and what we need to get the job done. We will inform you what can and cannot be done based on our knowledge, experience and capabilities. No surprises at the end.

With our background in consulting, we listen and work to fulfil your business needs. We make sure that our work is personalised to your brand because we understand your online store is unique. Your business is your baby, we respect your trust in us and won’t let you down.

We want to establish long-term working relationships with our clients and be your partner in helping your business grow. We would be so excited to work with you.

Contact Us

We are a small team and only focus on a few projects at a time to ensure the quality of our work. We take on new projects on a first come first served basis. If you are interested in working with us, reach out now so we can schedule you in as early as possible.