Inu & Oliphant

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The Brand

Inu & Oliphant is a boutique store selling the latest Korean fashion in Adelaide, Australia. A few years ago, Rain the founder of Inu & Oliphant decided to build her own mobile app. She knew customers preferred shopping on a mobile app to a mobile website. When she reached out to us, we were super excited to work with her because not only is she a personal friend but we adore her store.

The Project

The brand is Rain's baby and she puts in a lot of thought, consideration and hard work into every aspect of it. She personally purchases the items and styles and shoots the photos for her products. Her love for neutral colours inspired by nature directs the aesthetic of the storefront as well as the product images. We wanted her beautiful product images to be the centre of her customers’ attention so we stripped away all the non-essentials and took a minimalist approach for the website and mobile app. As Inu & Oliphant is catered to young women, we made sure to keep the look feminine and opted for a peony pink accent colour. We also integrated MailChimp so Rain could send out marketing emails to her customers.


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  • iOS App
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The Website

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The App

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