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The Brand

MelBraShop is a lingerie and lounge wear store located in Melbourne, Australia. We absolutely loved working with the owner Ms Xing and were impressed by this girlboss not only for her efficiency but also for knowing exactly what she wants.

The Project

Ms Xing wanted a classy and feminine website so we made sure the website had a clean layout accented with baby pink. Minimal animation gave the website a modern feel and users a clear sense of where to focus as they navigate the website. As many of her customers are young Chinese women based in Australia, we added a language and currency switcher that allowed customers to switch between Mandarin and English, as well as Chinese Yuan and Australian Dollars.

One of the things we enjoy doing when building online stores is supporting and improving small businesses in their business processes. Ms Xing already had a physical store where customers could pick up their orders. We set up the website to enable customers to choose their preferred delivery method - shipping, local delivery or store pickup. To build customer loyalty, we added a points system to the online store so customers could earn points with each spend and redeem points for order discounts.


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The Website

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