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Consumers are increasingly shopping on mobile than desktop because of how connected we are to our phones. Out of those shopping on mobile, many are preferring the app than the mobile website due to the speed and user experience of the app. If you already have a Shopify store, why not increase sales and further improve your customers' shopping experience with a mobile app? You brand will also stand out among competitors if you have your own app.

Custom app development is usually time-consuming. It might mean waiting for months as you go through iterations of design, development and testing. The cost of building an app from scratch can easily start at tens of thousands of dollars which can be a steep and scary investment for a small business.

How we can help

Our goal is to help small businesses create their own mobile app so that their customers can enjoy a smooth and sweet online shopping experience. We have developed a minimalist and feminine shopping app, built for your target audience of young female shoppers. You'll be able to style the app to suit your brand before launching it on the App Store quickly and at a low cost.

The app layout is designed to be clean and simple so your products will be at the center of your customer's focus. It will be linked to your Shopify store so you don't have to manage your products and orders in a separate system. This means your app will always be in sync and up to date with your website.

The process

To create this app, you will need to have a Shopify store to manage your products and orders. You will also need an Apple Developer account to upload your app to the App Store. We will customise your app to your brand by using your brand's logo, colours and font. You'll be able to test your app on your device before releasing it into the wild. Once you're ready, we will submit it to the App Store for you and that's it!

Try it out

Download the app we’ve created for Inu & Oliphant, a fashion boutique store based in Adelaide.
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