Suree's Thai Kitchen

Custom Website

The Brand

Suree's Thai kitchen is a local favourite Thai restaurant in Adelaide, Australia. A few years ago the owners found their menus floating on various review websites. Not only were the outdated menus from different years but they were scanned pdfs files that were difficult to read, especially when viewed on small screens. Frustrated they lacked control of their menu, at least not without going through the trouble of contacting these websites one by one, the owners knew they needed to own their content. It was crucial that Suree's Thai Kitchen had an official website displaying a readable version of the latest menu. We personally love their food, and have for years, so we could not have been more excited to help them achieve this goal.

The Project

We built a mobile-friendly custom website with soft neutral tones to keep it friendly and welcoming. We set up the website so bulk editing the menu could be done quickly and without hassle. We chose a large font ensuring the menu readable even on mobile and added a simple contact form for customers to email the owners.


  • Custom Mobile-Friendly Website
  • Staff Training
  • User Guide

The Website

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